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Sep 18

Alternate Susan — Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten       When I saw the swath of destruction, I wished I had ditched work, even if it meant getting fired. The mesquite tree out front was still intact, but someone had kicked over all Zoë’s pots of succulents. It looked as though the major league of vandals had taken baseball bats …

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Sep 11

Alternate Susan–Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine       I only had to run for five minutes across the rolling expanse of golf course before a deep appreciation for electric carts set in. Susie’s body just wasn’t cut out for running.  Neither was mine, actually, but she was the one who got me into this mess, so I was …

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Sep 04

Alternate Susan — Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight       I doubt anyone has ever been held in a prison half as nice as La Turquesa. Gaunt Man (he wasn’t speaking either, and probably wouldn’t introduce himself if he was) led me down marbled hallways to a wing of suites. He used a key card to open one of them …

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Aug 28

Alternate Susan — Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven       At ten on a Saturday morning all the free parking spaces downtown were gone, so I was doubly glad that Dottie let me park at her house. It meant a bit of a walk, but the weather turned unseasonably cool for late May—in the low nineties—and it wasn’t like Susie’s …

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Aug 21

Alternate Susan — Chapter Six

Chapter Six       “Any luck on finding your mom?” Zoë asked. She was sitting on the couch, watching reruns of some home improvement show with the sound down low. She must have run out of money for renovations, because she was wearing a leather bra and her popcorn bowl rested on black leather …

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