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Dec 31

Faerie Killer: Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty All it took was a pair of bolt cutters on a padlock to get into the underground parking garage. The rows of “for lease” signs dotting the windows in most of the floors of the modest high-rise were a good sign, and Morales staked it out just to make sure there wasn’t an …

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Dec 24

Faerie Killer: Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine   When the doors opened, everyone froze. The organist began to play a march that caused the guests to scramble to their feet. Vax seemed to have chosen the side with all the taller people on it, because he had to crane his neck to see. He saw James first, holding a woman’s …

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Dec 10

Faerie Killer: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight   Morales sat on his bed with his laptop open on his lap. He hadn’t gotten dressed yet, even though it was almost nine pm. The sun wouldn’t be safely below the horizon for another twenty minutes. He felt irritated that he’d been cooped up all day, trying ineffectively to track down the …

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Dec 03

Faerie Killer: Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven   As Kit held her arms out to the sides, she mentally practiced the exercises that Jis Tamarisk had given her. Just one lesson, she’d told herself, but then one lesson became two, and two became three. There was so much she didn’t know how to do, so much to learn. She was …

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Nov 26

Faerie Killer: Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six   Instead of using his enchantment skills to shoplift a fine gown, Vax borrowed a suit from Jason. It didn’t fit well. The sleeves were too short and it ended well before the tops of his shoes, as if he were going to wade in a shallow stream and didn’t want to get …

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