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Oct 15

Faerie Killer: Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty Faco had picked up a pet human. His name, as he’d told Ola with elaborate gestures when they first met, was Denny. Ola didn’t speak to him, or even look at him if she didn’t have to. He was large, and he always glistened with sweat, even when the room felt cool. He …

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Oct 08

Faerie Killer: Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen Vax ran back to the Pygg and Wassail. A crowd had gathered around the front of the building in the street, and people were throwing stones at the glass trying to break it. Flames poured up behind them, backlighting them and causing a fire alarm inside to wail. The front door had been …

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Oct 01

Faerie Killer: Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen   Kit walked out of the third bridal boutique, grinding her teeth. She’d taken the afternoon off for this, and had zero luck. Apparently, bridal gowns were made for seven foot tall women, because none of the dresses had hems that didn’t drag on the floor. And apparently, every tailoring shop in the …

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Sep 24

Faerie Killer: Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen Vax went to the Pygg and Wassail, hoping that Jackie was there, though he didn’t know her schedule. He pushed the door open to the dark restaurant, and when his eyes adjusted to the dim light he blinked and looked around. It was empty except for a few early drinkers at the bar. …

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Sep 17

Faerie Killer: Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen   Kit climbed the stairs, expecting that as she rose, she’d see a forest, in the Realm of the Faerie. Instead, she saw a wall, and a window with a view of the neighbor’s swingset and RV. The top step creaked as she set her weight on it, and she cringed. She was …

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