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Aug 13

Faerie Killer: Chapter Eleven

  Chapter Eleven   An angry knock on the door woke them all up. He’d been sleeping again. He never liked sleeping, none of them did, but sleep wasn’t something you could avoid forever. You could postpone it for a day or two at most, but then your newly mortal body would shut down for …

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Aug 06

Faerie Killer: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten   Not many people outside of the Guild knew that the ironically named “Rat Cellar” was actually the most popular vampire hangout in Seabingen. It took up the entire third floor of one of Pepperwoods’ tallest buildings. The club was open only to vampires, and had very short hours. The club fees weren’t …

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Jul 30

Faerie Killer: Chapter Nine

 Chapter Nine The folk dance festival was held in a football field at a high school in Northridge, and since it was sponsored by the local community center, it wasn’t funded well enough to hire more than local groups. Fortunately, they had a stage large enough to accommodate both the Black Dog Morris Men and …

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Jul 23

Faerie Killer: Chapter Eight

  Chapter Eight When Kit came back from her run, Fenwick was waiting in Chris’ living room. He was slouching in Chris’ most comfortable leather chair, playing a game on his phone. Fenwick was a big guy, six and a half feet tall, with legs like tree trunks and a barrel-like chest covered in curly …

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Jul 16

Faerie Killer: Chapter Seven

    Chapter Seven Jackie bent over her leg to stretch it, and used her hand to keep her hair off the scuffed white linoleum floor of the high school cafeteria that her Morris side used for a practice area. When she was done, she held on to the folded table for support while she …

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