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Jun 04

Seeing Things, part 10: editing and new projects

Dear Blog Friends: The past few days I worked hard on the cover mockup for Seeing Things.  I think I have a working cover, though the urge to tinker with it ceaselessly is pretty intense.  Here’s the current book cover.  I’m still not sure about my name and the subtitle.  First of all, is it …

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Jun 01

Seeing Things, Part 8: First cover mockups

Dear Blog Friends: As you can see, I’ve been hard at work on the cover design. This isn’t going to be the final cover.  I went to WisCon last weekend, hoping that I would be able to learn something about cover art creation. I met a lot of great people, and got some good information, …

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May 25

Seeing Things, Part 9: Cover Art Creation

Dear Blog Friends, I worked through the formatting of SEEING THINGS, and I’m waiting for my beta reader to give me feedback on the sequel, TREEMAKER, so I’ve been devoting my time to creating the cover art. I wanted each cover to have several different elements.  For the first part, I made a large acrylic …

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May 23

Seeing Things, Part 8: Formatting

Dear Blog Friends, One of the things I read, when I first started this journey into the wilds of epublishing (what feels like such a long, long time ago) was that formatting a book was one of those difficult and time-consuming things best done by a professional.  Now maybe I’m speaking too soon, but after …

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May 22

“Voice Like a Cello” and “Bear Country”

Dear Blog Friends; Since last week’s pairing of short stories was so successful, I decided to put up another pair.  Making the cover art was a lot easier this time. I guess practice makes perfect with anything, even new software. I was originally going to pair “Voice Like a Cello” with another short story I …

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