Category: Story

Feb 05

My Traumatic D+

When I was in fifth grade, we had an assignment were we had to plan for an imaginary trip to another country. I was an extremely bright and diligent student, and moreover, I’d planned for trips before.  My family took us camping every year.  My responsibility on camping trips was to make a list of the …

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Dec 07

Meanest Mommy

Big Critter is eleven. She has her own cell phone, and she loves to text. What she doesn’t like is to walk anywhere. She would rather be driven everywhere she wants to go, or in a pinch, to be borne by slaves in a palanquin. She says it’s not her fault, she’s just lazy, as …

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Nov 27

The Gross Thing

The other day, my kid, ( herefore known as “Big Critter”) ran into the house, quite excited. “Mommy,” she asked. “Come outside, I have something really cool to show you.” “Is it gross?” I asked. She is, after all, my kid. “Um…yeah.” “Okay, let’s go.” So she took me outside, and had me crouch down …

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