Category: Tiles

Feb 21

Mosaic Tiles 4

This is the last of the batch of mosaic tiles I made in this kiln load. The crawling design on the green tiles is from overfiring.  It is not intentional, but I’m going to pretend that it was.  I have so many of these that at some point I ought to think of a design …

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Feb 18

Inlay Tiles

The inlay technique has been used to awesome effect for centuries.  You create an incised design in a colored clay body, then add a slip in a contrasting color. When you scrape off the slip, the design underneath comes through in crisp detail.  I have never been able to make it work. For these, I …

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Feb 15

Leaf Mosaic Tiles

I saw a picture in a book of a tile mosaic that looked like a carpet made of leaves.  These are difficult in the same way that quilting is difficult–they take precision and a great deal of time.  To make the leaf vein pattern, I used a mulberry leaf.  The shapes are about an inch …

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Feb 09

Mosaic Tiles 3

These are hand-rolled and cut tiles of 1 1/2 inch in diameter, stamped with commercial rubber stamps, underglazed, and glazed with a low-fire clear.

Feb 03

Mosaic Tiles 2

Here are three of the different colors of tiles I made during this session. The black and yellow ones were underglaze applied to the fired clay, then wiped off to expose the texture. The green ones show the texture because of the ultra-transparent nature of the glaze. I love transparent glazes for the way they …

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