Category: Tiles

Jan 25

Mosaic Tiles 1

I made these tiles in this shape more because it was convenient to cut them than that they will do well in a mosaic. Actually, I’ve thought it would be really cool if I had cookie cutters in the shapes of tiles like are used in Islamic design. I haven’t yet seen any for sale. …

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Jan 15

Terra Cotta Tiles

With every load, I’ve been adding more small tiles for some unspecified mosaic project in the future.  These I used a glaze I have two bottles of, called “terra cotta.”  How funny–when you put terra cotta glaze on a terra cotta tile, the color looks…terra cotta. I’m not thrilled with them, but I will probably …

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Jan 12

Cuerda Seca Bird Tile

Cuerda Seca means “dry cord” and refers to using a waxed cord to separate areas of glaze.  I’ve used a waxed beeswax cord before, and it’s not the best tool.  Better is to use wax trailed from a jacquard bottle, especially wax with stain added, wax which has been designed for this purpose. Since this is the …

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Jan 09

Winter Trees Switchplate

This is a purchased piece of bisqueware that I ordered online. I would like to make some of my own, but calculating the shrinkage is too much fuss for my taste. One of the things I wanted to try with this kiln was how the black wax worked. I’ve seen some lovely tiles that use …

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Nov 22

Number Plaque

Here’s the finished number plaque that I made the poppy tiles for (shown in an earlier post).  I cut the background green tiles out of stained glass, with the help of my daughters (since ones hand hurts after cutting too many tiles, I needed help.)  Cutting the background tiles was rather time-consuming, but it saves …

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