Category: Tiles

Aug 31

Poppy Leaves

This is another set of tiles I made for my number plaque mosaic project. These were harder to make. I rolled out slabs of 1/4 inch cone 06 clay, and then used a razor blade to cut around the leaf shapes.  Poppy leaves are deeply lobed, which makes them a difficult shape to reproduce, not …

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May 15

Knight of Cups

Anyone who’s familiar with the Morgan-Greer tarot will realize I lifted this design from that card; the Roman helm is quite distinctive.  Because the backgrounds were mostly stylized landscapes, I didn’t have as much call to use red and purple. That’s what the cloaks are for!

May 13

Eight of Cups

The background scenery here reminds me a lot of the Glen Canyon resevoir in northern Arizona.  The patchiness of the glaze doesn’t work against the overall design as much in this tile.

May 11

Six of Staves

This card represents a triumphal return.  My guy here looks like some kind of an acrobat. I’m astounded at both how splotchy the glaze turned out and how bad all of these photographs have been. I blame the lighting. (A poor workman blames his tools, right?)

May 05

Page of Staves

The page cards are just below the knights.  In traditional decks, the jacks took over both of them.  Pages represent youths, and in the Robin Wood tarot deck, the suit of staves represents fire.  In the Robin Wood tarot deck, the Page of Wands (same as staffs or staves) stands in the desert and has …

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