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Jul 03

New and Improved Beetles

These are more of my dichroic beetles, which I also fused before I realized that they would have blisters of trapped air in them. ┬áSome of them have iridescent glass as a background, which does weird things to the glass on top of it. I’ll explain more in the next post.

Jun 24

First Beetles

At this point in the class, I decided to just go and buy some more clear glass. If you ever take a glass fusing class, be aware that you will likely use more clear glass than any other color, for capping dichro if nothing else. I hadn’t yet tested the mica pigments yet, so the …

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May 08


This card is all about balance. In some decks, the winged figure is juggling, but the traditional image shows him/her pouring water from one vessel to another.

Aug 12

Weekend Project

Here’s what Jeremy and I did this weekend. We installed a tile floor in the master bath. When we first moved in, there was stained beige carpet in the bathroom that was so icky that I didn’t want to step on it. The walls had beige-and-blue print wallpaper, and the bathroom vanity was original to …

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