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May 02

The New Project!

Dear Blog Friends, So here’s my big update. I’m planning to epublish my first novel. If it goes well, I’m going to follow it with the second and third, to make a nice, neat trilogy. This is the plan, and it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Bear in mind that I’m not …

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Dec 10

Book Reviews?

Hello Reader! I need your advice. You. Yes you. Why? Because I don’t have enough funny stories to keep this blog rolling. I need something else. Book reviews. What? Why?  Because I like book reviews, that’s why!  Also because goodreads is kinda pissing me off these days with their spamalot of “so-and-so added such-and-such to …

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Jul 03

New and Improved Beetles

These are more of my dichroic beetles, which I also fused before I realized that they would have blisters of trapped air in them.  Some of them have iridescent glass as a background, which does weird things to the glass on top of it. I’ll explain more in the next post.

Jun 24

First Beetles

At this point in the class, I decided to just go and buy some more clear glass. If you ever take a glass fusing class, be aware that you will likely use more clear glass than any other color, for capping dichro if nothing else. I hadn’t yet tested the mica pigments yet, so the …

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May 08


This card is all about balance. In some decks, the winged figure is juggling, but the traditional image shows him/her pouring water from one vessel to another.