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Oct 17

Spoon rest 1 – keyhole

This is a test tile that I actually used as a test tile, that is, to try out the glaze I thought I wanted on my cups.  Yup. This is the glaze as expected. I prefer predictable glazes. No crystals, no weird color patterns. Just something nice and predictable. By far my most commonly used …

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Oct 16

Alternate Susan — Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen       The next day, the mirror finally arrived. I wanted to start the spell right away, but unfortunately, my knowledge of magic wasn’t focused enough. True, more and more of Susie’s memories came back every day, but once you started using a mirror as a scrying object, you couldn’t use it …

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Oct 14

Spoon Rest – Fancy Keyhole 2

I hadn’t photographed these yet, but I was doing a project with clay (which you’ll see later) and I had to mix lots of dried clay and reconstitute it. I had clay sludge everywhere. I needed a spoon rest for the big plastic spoon I was using to mix, and set it on this.  When …

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Oct 10

Smiley Ball Summer 2013 – B

All of the smiley balls are meant to look as though they are ecstatically happy. Sometimes, this makes them look like old men with no teeth. The best one I made looks like a grinning baby. Somehow, I haven’t managed to replicate that.

Oct 09

Alternate Susan –Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen     Susie’s spell book had a way for me to find Darius. It was a ‘synchronous resonance’ spell. The way it worked was this: you prepared the spell at home, placing an object from the subject inside a cleansed power circle. Then you had thirty-one hours (thirty-one made no sense to me, …

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