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Aug 02

Book Review: Emotimancers and the Impending Feline Overmind

Emotimancers and the Impending Feline Overmind by Beth Pratt I was really surprised when I found out that the author of the quirky outsider comic “Barely Representational” had written a novel. It came out on kindle about a week ago. The story starts at Bradford and Chadwick, a major publishing house dedicated to publishing emotion spells. …

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Jul 31

Book Review: Self Made Man

Self-Made Man: One Woman’s Journey Into Manhood and Back Again by Norah Vincen t This is a memoir in the vein of “audacious journalists who do crazy things and write about the experience.” Norah Vincent cross-dressed as a man for over a year, and entered into uniquely masculine venues to chronicle the experience from a …

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Jul 27

Book Review: The Lying Game

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard I really liked this book, despite the ridiculous premise. Sutton Mercer is dead, and she follows in ghost form her long-lost twin Emma. Emma is summoned to Tucson, hoping she’ll meet Sutton, only to discover that Sutton has been murdered and her killers want Emma to pretend to be …

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Jul 24

Alternate Susan — Chapter Four

Chapter Four It wasn’t until after I’d gone outside that Miles spoke. I hoped it meant that he hadn’t been eavesdropping. “Miss Susan!” “Miles?” I cast around, but didn’t see him anywhere. Moths flickered around the copper porch light, the ordinary brown kind, not the magical iridescent ones. “Where are you?” For an answer, he …

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Jul 22

Book Review: Here There Be Dragons

Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen If I had read this book when I was ten, I would have not only insisted it was the best book ever written, I would have bitten the ankles of anyone who dared suggest otherwise. It has everything a fantasy loving kid could want: pirates! evil kings! …

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