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Sep 04

Alternate Susan — Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight       I doubt anyone has ever been held in a prison half as nice as La Turquesa. Gaunt Man (he wasn’t speaking either, and probably wouldn’t introduce himself if he was) led me down marbled hallways to a wing of suites. He used a key card to open one of them …

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Aug 29

Book Review: Leviathan

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld I’m never very enthusiastic about starting a series anymore, because I don’t want to commit to more than one book and so often they end in media res. But, I’ve really enjoyed Scott Westerfield’s PEEPS and the Pretties & Uglies series, so I decided to pick this up, just to see …

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Aug 28

Alternate Susan — Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven       At ten on a Saturday morning all the free parking spaces downtown were gone, so I was doubly glad that Dottie let me park at her house. It meant a bit of a walk, but the weather turned unseasonably cool for late May—in the low nineties—and it wasn’t like Susie’s …

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Aug 27

Emily’s Fifth Birthday Cover

This was one of my first publications, and you can see I kind of struggled with learning how to use gimp to make the cover.  The ones on the left were much smaller, and I decided I’d scroll through my photos and find something brightly colored and interesting, then make sure that my name and …

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Aug 26

Book Review: Kick Your Fat in the Nuts

Kick Your Fat in the Nuts by T.C. Hale I got this as a free book through BookBub, and despite the horrible title and bad cover, I picked it up because I am a sucker for self-help books, especially self-help books for problems I don’t have. I also love non-fiction books about science, and anything …

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