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Mar 28

Yellow-blue Morning Glory

I did this flower after the mutant flower turned out so badly. As you can see, I used the same colors, but this one looks more like a morning glory and less like the tentacle of an alien whose parents were exposed to too much gamma radiation. I don’t actually like morning glories that much, …

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Mar 26

Book Review: Attached

Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find and Keep Love by Amir Levine I almost stopped listening to this in the first half hour, because it sounded like the worst of all possible pop-psych books, where it’s mostly a sales-pitch for how this wonderful new science will solve …

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Mar 25

Mutant Flower

Sometimes we make simple flowers in hot shop when class isn’ t yet over, but there isn’t enough time to make a vessel. You get a small gather, heat some frit into it, press it into a disk, then get it nice and hot and molten. ¬†Sitting at the bench, you use the tweezers to …

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Mar 18

Bottlecaps First Group

Whenever I want to do a small project that doesn’t involve a lot of thought and preparation, I make some of these bottlecap magnets. I bought a special hole-punch which cuts circles of exactly 1″ in diameter, which makes this project go even faster. First I get about 24 ¬†bottlecaps, throwing out any that are …

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Mar 14

Book Review: Happens Every Day

Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story by Isabel Gillies I got this as an audiobook from audible, read by the author. This is a sub-genre that I haven’t read much, a sub-genre one of my teachers called “Adirondacks chair books” because they usually have an Adirondacks chair on the cover, symbolizing a woman who has …

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