Aug 07

Book Review: Incognito, The Secret Lives of the Brain

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman INCOGNITO is at its heart, a pop science book about neurology. I saw this in the bookstore and pegged it as interesting, but didn’t realize I’d read something else by this author until holding the book in my hands. Eagleman is the author of the …

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Aug 03

Book Review: Dance With Dragons

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin I enjoyed this book, not like an oenophile enjoys a nice glass of wine, but the way a crackhead enjoys a shiny new vial of poison. If you’ve been reading the Song of Ice and Fire, you know that a series based on plot twists, cliffhanger endings, …

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Aug 01

Ceramic Ball

ceramic ball

This looks a lot like a smiley ball without a face, doesn’t it?  I wanted to do something as close to a sphere as I could manage, just because it’s pretty easy and it’s sometimes nice to have a heavy ball to roll around in your hands. I coated it with red iron oxide (as …

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Aug 01

Writing Advice: Prologues

 Dear Blog Friends: This is my first flowchart. I used visio, only to find that wordpress doesn’t want me to post visio documents for “security reasons.” Um. Okay. Gimp to the rescue! It’s not a pretty flowchart. I’d like to have colors and have it a little tidier, but as this was my first …

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Jul 29

Dayrunner Promo Video

Dear Blog Friends, I made a video. Call it a promo video of sorts. I am hoping people will find it amusing on its own, and maybe they will seek my book out because of it. Here’s the link. how to stake a vampire   Kater

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