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Oct 19

Postcard: Steampunk Writing

In a way, this series of postcards is like a series of quick sketches. What do they call them, when you do sketches of one and two minutes poses? Can’t remember. Anyway, I decided I wanted to send more postcards to my friends, especially my sister-in-law, Beth, and my brother Rick. Postcards are expensive, so …

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Oct 17

Book Review: How to Be Good

How to Be Good by Nick Hornby Katie Carr is a doctor married to the angriest man in Holloway. Even though she’s having an affair and doesn’t always care as much about her patients as she thinks she ought to, she’s secure in the knowledge that she is a good person. Of course she’s a …

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Oct 15

Snacks for a Long Voyage Shrine

This shrine was inspired by a trip to Texas I did last year with my family. It’s a long, brutal drive from Phoenix to Dallas, so I bought a lot of snacks for my kids, the kind of snacks they don’t usually get. I bought candy and chips and cheetoes and juice boxes and basically …

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Oct 14

Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins I was watching a cooking show once where a chef won a contest by making a simple dish. The other chefs complained that she had made something too rustic, too simple, but the judges said that a good dish done flawlessly will win over a complex dish …

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Oct 10

Book Review: Fallen

Fallen by Lauren Kate What do you get when you have a beautiful teenage girl at a creepy boarding school where she meets a couple of cute boys who are both interested in her? Well, in the case of FALLEN, you have a promising YA supernatural romance that loses it in the last three chapters. …

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