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Nov 18

Lavender Floral Bead

This is what the lampworking workshop I took in August was designed to teach.  You can get very pretty beads if you are good at this technique.  I’m not so interested in pretty, so I only made this one.

Nov 16

Black Floral Beads

I took a class in lampworking that was to teach this floral technique.  It makes very girly, feminine, frilly beads.  I soon figured out that while the techniques were interesting (making a simple radially symmetrical cane and then using it to add details), I didn’t like the way the beads looked. Still, I thought I ought to …

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Nov 14

Black Weed Book

I think I like this best of the books in the rainbow series.  It’s predominantly red, which is one of my favorite colors, so that’s part of it. This was one of the first ones I finished, so I wasn’t terribly concerned about making it that different.  I decided to just go with the background …

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Nov 12

Lucky Number Book

Inspired by the previous book in the rainbow series, I decided I wanted to do some more lettering.  It used to be that people who painted signs and drew ads had to paint the letters and numbers by hand, and they had to use both precision and creativity in designing their own fonts.  I wanted …

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Nov 10

Calligraphy/Black Wing book

This was another one of the rainbow series books, so-called because of the rainbow look of the tie-dyed/marble technique fabric I used for the base.  After the layers of masking tape and washes, I had blocks of color, which I added stamps to.  This one has silver rub-and-buff as accents. I wanted to try some …

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