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Nov 10

Calligraphy/Black Wing book

This was another one of the rainbow series books, so-called because of the rainbow look of the tie-dyed/marble technique fabric I used for the base.  After the layers of masking tape and washes, I had blocks of color, which I added stamps to.  This one has silver rub-and-buff as accents. I wanted to try some …

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Nov 08

Rainbow Coin Book

This was one of the series of books I made with the tie-dyed/marbling technique cloth as a base. You can see the faint impression of some of the collage background papers, for example, the joss paper. After I had the rainbow tie-dyed/marbled cloth with the colored paper back, I laid strips of masking tape over …

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Nov 06

Bronze Book

This was actually a book cover that I had started this spring, but had to leave unfinished on the shelf because I ran out of book blanks.  Once I made more book blanks, I got it out to finish up. I started with a printed calico, which I washed over with violet and black.  You …

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Nov 04

Black Cat Book

This was one of a series of books I made recently.  I started by taking some ironed sheets of thin cotton cloth.  I used a marbled paper technique wherein dye is laid on top of a bed of shaving cream, only instead of using food coloring or alcohol based inks, I used some leftover fabric …

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Nov 02

Bottlecaps 4

My favorite, of course, is the red one with the K in it.  I also like how random the gold leaf turned out, and the familiarity of the watch buckle.  Might see more watch parts, as we have quite a few broken watches and watch bands around here.