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Oct 28

Bottlecaps 2

These bottlecaps were also thrown away because of a problem with improperly mixed resin.  Pouring new resin on top of the uncured resin does not solve the problem. At least I have plenty of bottlecaps left.

Oct 26

Bottlecaps 1

I’ve been saving these bottlecaps for some unspecified future project for so long that I have quite a collection of them. Finally my idea coalesced into these.  I cut circles of either scraps of old book covers (that I made) or pieces of decorative paper, or both.  Then I found or made small ornaments to …

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Oct 24

Butterfly Cane

I’ve been playing around with polymer clay, making miniature food for a shrine I’m working on. Will not be done for a couple of months, but I’ll post it here when it’s done. I wanted to do a really complex cane, something that looked like a picture, and this is the design I came up …

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Oct 21

Blue Cane Beads

I don’t really like beads and bead jewelry, but I like making them.  I made these (along with a handful of others, which my daughter used for a bracelet) to experiment with cane techniques.  The beads could stand to be a little more even, but I don’t really want to use them for anything, so …

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Oct 19

Ill-Fated Mixing Bowl

I wanted to make a set of three mixing bowls for my brother and his wife, as a belated wedding gift.  I decided to use a technique involving a large wooden paddle that fellow student Michael Voda made.  If it works, you can smoothly throw a large bowl with graceful sides. Unfortunately, you have to …

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