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Oct 11

Green Fishscale Bowl

This design is a traditional Japanese design. I started to use it while I was learning pottery in Japan, and it remains one of my favorites. The green color is slip, which I scratched away with a scgraffito tool.

Oct 08

Green Flower Grid Bowl

This design looks much better on paper or other flat surfaces than it does on a curved surface. I found it quite difficult to get the design as even as I like. It’s not one I’ve used before, though I’ve seen similar ones on Japanese textiles and paper.

Oct 05

Yellow Tiles

These are the same as the blue speckled tiles that I made, except that I chose a bright yellow. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these, but I’d like to do a lot more mosaic projects, and I figured that having a selection of tiles wouldn’t hurt.

Oct 03

Blue Tiles

I made these just so I’d have enough ware to fill the kiln.  I rolled out slabs of 1/4 inch clay and stamped it with some of my commercially purchased rubber stamps. Then I cut them with small cookie cutters designed for working with clay.  The glaze choice wasn’t the best; in other firings, this …

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Oct 01

Glass Porcelain Charms 3

These are the charms I set out to make when I undertook this project. I bought a dress that cries out for some unique jewelry to go with it.  I thought these would turn out more pinkish/beigeish, but since they are translucent, they might turn the color I want when held up against my skin. …

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