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May 28

Red Porcelain Sliptrailed Cup One

When I do surface decoration on a piece I’ve thrown, I almost always have to work freehand, because I rarely remember to bring books and references from home to the pottery studio. For this piece, I remembered to bring books, and I used mehindi designs. I like mehindi designs because they are adaptable, and because …

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May 26

White Bird Cup

This cup, unlike the celadon colored one, is functional because it did not crack in the kiln. Shrank quite a bit, but that happens with porcelain.

May 24

Rabbits of Willendorf

Laurie Nessel did a demo in this class where she made these amazing little netsuke rabbits out of a solid lump of glass.  These were my attempt.  I think I need a lot more progress if I’m going to make rabbits that look like rabbits. Maybe the glass was too hot, or maybe I pushed …

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May 22

Eggs Three and Four

Two more eggs, nesting in the glass nests I made.  I tried to think of nice colors for the Easter eggs that I would like to look at, but I couldn’t think of any, so I made these ugly ones instead.  It occured to me that I could make natural colored eggs, but wouldn’t it …

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May 20

Eggs One and Two

These are two of the eggs that I made in the same off-mandrel lampworking technique class.  Now you can see what the amber nests were for. The polka dotted one I made so I could practice dot control, but I left it in the heat too long and the bottom got scorched.