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Sep 06

Poppy Seedpods and Buds

These are the seedpods and buds that I made for my tile mosaic project.  To make the seedpods, I rolled out a cone and indented it to show where the inner seed capsules had dried and shrunk in on themselves. then I added a disk at the top, incised with lines to look like the …

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Sep 03

Poppy Stems

These are the stems of the poppies I made for my number plaque tile mosiac project.  They aren’t very interesting, but they are necessary.  I made them by extruding clay through a clay gun using the triple-circle die.  I made more than I needed, because I’m not sure what shapes and sizes I’m going to …

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Aug 31

Poppy Leaves

This is another set of tiles I made for my number plaque mosaic project. These were harder to make. I rolled out slabs of 1/4 inch cone 06 clay, and then used a razor blade to cut around the leaf shapes.  Poppy leaves are deeply lobed, which makes them a difficult shape to reproduce, not …

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Aug 28

Poppy Tiles

I have a plan to make a number plaque, and I wanted it to be more than just functional, I want it to be beautiful.  I decided upon poppies as an appropriate botanical motif.  I sketched it out, and my design will fit about five poppy flowers on it. These are the tiles I made. …

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Aug 25

Rabbit Orchid Pot

Here’s the second terracotta orchid pot that I glazed.  For this one, I decided to use a rabbit, because I wanted to use the brown slip.  The texture on the rim of the pot is also due to the slip. Although the green (It looks green on white clay) glaze I used for the rim …

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