Mar 17

Seven of Pentacles Tile

seven of pentacles

This is another one of my tarot tiles. I have almost a dozen that aren’t yet glazed, but I’d made them just before my old kiln went on strike so the bisqueware is sitting in my cabinets.  They take quite a while to glaze, as you have to have three or in some cases four …

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Mar 14

Beads–an epiphany


I made these beads during the core formed vessel workshop while I was waiting for a demo to begin.  I’ve been practicing the dots and masking techniques, reasoning that these are the foundation of most lampworking techniques.  I’ve found that I often have a hard time placing the dots accurately, as my hands shake.  Was …

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Mar 11

Core Formed Vessel, “Jupiter”

jupiter core form vessel

This is the second core formed vessel I made in Laurie Nessel’s workshop at the Mesa Art Center I had an idea of making a vessel that was whorled and striped like the planet Jupiter.  The ivory came out brighter in contrast to the red than I had anticipated, and the eye looks a little …

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Mar 08

Blue-Green Core Formed Vessel

blue green vessel

I made this at a special workshop taught at the Mesa Arts Center by Laurie Nessel.  Now I’ve made vessels with both lampworking and borosilicate techniques, as well as in the hot shop.  In some ways, this is the easiest, but it is by no means the fastest.  Also, unlike with boro and hot shop, …

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Mar 05

Butterfly Tile 2

butterfly tile 2

This is the second of the Butterfly tiles. I used a photograph of an American Painted Lady as a reference. I learned from my faerie dolls that butterfly wings done from memory don’t usually look good, unless the artist is also a student of butterflies. On this one I used the Duncan “French Impressions” glaze/paste …

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