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Apr 29

Six of Swords

For the sky on this one I used a crystal glaze. There’s only one crystal; I’m not sure why it didn’t turn out better. When they say you need 3-4 coats, they aren’t lying. In retrospect, I would have liked to make the distant island emerald green.  This card symbolizes safe passage through a difficult …

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Apr 24

The Fool

This is one of the most well-known tarot cards.  Our local bookstore uses it as their logo. I made the sky pink for two reasons. One, because I thought it would look like dawn (it doesn’t) and two, because I was running out of shades of light blue and didn’t want them to all look …

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Apr 22

Celadon Bird Cup

To make the surface decoration on this cup, I trailed slip made out of the same clay body.  It came in handy that I had drawn several flocks of birds in my comic,, because I could draw them again without a reference. This cup, alas, is unuseable, because it has a longitudinal crack inside. …

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Apr 17

Four of Swords

A little about the process of glazing these tiles.  To do this series of twelve tiles took me about two weeks.  Each glaze needs three (at least!) layers on it, and each tile has several colors.  Some tiles have as few as seven (like this) and others have twelve colors or more.  It’s actually easier …

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Apr 14

The Moon

The card ‘The Moon’ almost always has two towers, a wolf and a dog, and a creature that lives in both the water and on the land.  The symbolism is about the transition areas, about the gray areas.  It is the interstitial tarot card. While the glazing came out better on this tile than on …

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