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Aug 28

Poppy Tiles

I have a plan to make a number plaque, and I wanted it to be more than just functional, I want it to be beautiful.  I decided upon poppies as an appropriate botanical motif.  I sketched it out, and my design will fit about five poppy flowers on it. These are the tiles I made. …

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Aug 25

Rabbit Orchid Pot

Here’s the second terracotta orchid pot that I glazed.  For this one, I decided to use a rabbit, because I wanted to use the brown slip.  The texture on the rim of the pot is also due to the slip. Although the green (It looks green on white clay) glaze I used for the rim …

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Aug 22

Raven Orchid Pot

My orchids needed repotting, so I went to Lowe’s and bought a pair of terracotta pots and saucers.  The orchids are going to go in my studio, which has orange walls, so I wanted something that would tone down the orange of the clay body.  After a couple of days of deliberation, I settled on …

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Aug 03

Optic Mold Paperweight

For the third paperweight, this one, I decided to use the optic mold.  This is a star-shaped mold that tapers to a narrow point. I believe it’s made of aluminum.  After rolling my first gather of glass in the frit and melting the frit into it, I put the jack glass-side down and push, incising …

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Jul 31

Blue and Red Swirl Paperweight

This was my second paperweight I made at the one-day workshop I did in May.  My idea was to quickly pull a bird into shape out of the hot glass I’d gathered.  This is easier said than done. My bird quickly became a melted taffy impersonation, and it was all I could do to loop …

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