Feb 15

Poem Book

poem book end

I began this book by putting black gesso on to some printed calico in what I hoped were random patches.  Once that was done, a book on photo transfers inspired me to attempt to transfer a photo. I found a photo of a landscape, and transferred it onto the cloth using a thin layer of …

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Feb 12


Fountain progress 1

I originally made the base of this as a drum for my husband.  I made two, actually, but this one had too-shallow of a shape, so he said he wasn’t going to use it. I decided, that since I’ve been planning to make a fountain for a while, that I would use this to make …

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Feb 09

Smiley Ball 14


Feb 05

Spacer Beads

group beads

Here are the spacer beads I made, again with the not-likely-to-be-realized idea that I might actually string these into a necklace or something. I made them four at a time, and made them as small as I could. They are approximately 3/8 inches in diameter. The other picture is all the beads, before they’d been …

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Feb 01

Blue and White Beads

blue and white beads

These are the beads I did after lunch, figuring that now I could try a different technique using different colors.  I didn’t make as many after lunch. For this I mostly used dots and masking.  My dots are not placed very well, because I don’t have the muscle control sufficient to hold my hands in …

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