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Jun 03

Glass Acorns

I have pendants similar to this carved of bone. I wanted to see if I could make ones out of glass. I think with a little more practice, I could get them just right.

Jun 01

Shadowbox of Unpartable Treasures

In front of my computer monitor, I collect small mementos, things I’ve been given, things I’ve made, and other things I can’t possibly ever part with. Unfortunately, it means that my monitor area gets quite cluttered.  I decided to take the large shrine blank that I had made and create a shadowbox to turn these …

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May 30

Small Red Sliptrailed Cup

. One might wonder why I used a non-transparent glaze here. I was hoping that if I did it thin enough and feathered it light by rubbing it with my finger, I’d get a bright color and not lose the design.  Almost worked.  Our only translucent glazes at the Tempe Arts Center are clear and …

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May 28

Red Porcelain Sliptrailed Cup One

When I do surface decoration on a piece I’ve thrown, I almost always have to work freehand, because I rarely remember to bring books and references from home to the pottery studio. For this piece, I remembered to bring books, and I used mehindi designs. I like mehindi designs because they are adaptable, and because …

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May 26

White Bird Cup

This cup, unlike the celadon colored one, is functional because it did not crack in the kiln. Shrank quite a bit, but that happens with porcelain.