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Sep 09

Blue-Green Flower Bowl

I suppose this is a set, since there are eight bowls, four with a green slip, four with a blue-green slip, and four different designs.  Once they’re washed, we’re going to use them for soup and cereal.

Sep 06

Poppy Seedpods and Buds

These are the seedpods and buds that I made for my tile mosaic project.  To make the seedpods, I rolled out a cone and indented it to show where the inner seed capsules had dried and shrunk in on themselves. then I added a disk at the top, incised with lines to look like the …

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Sep 03

Poppy Stems

These are the stems of the poppies I made for my number plaque tile mosiac project.  They aren’t very interesting, but they are necessary.  I made them by extruding clay through a clay gun using the triple-circle die.  I made more than I needed, because I’m not sure what shapes and sizes I’m going to …

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Aug 31

Poppy Leaves

This is another set of tiles I made for my number plaque mosaic project. These were harder to make. I rolled out slabs of 1/4 inch cone 06 clay, and then used a razor blade to cut around the leaf shapes.  Poppy leaves are deeply lobed, which makes them a difficult shape to reproduce, not …

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Aug 28

Poppy Tiles

I have a plan to make a number plaque, and I wanted it to be more than just functional, I want it to be beautiful.  I decided upon poppies as an appropriate botanical motif.  I sketched it out, and my design will fit about five poppy flowers on it. These are the tiles I made. …

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