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Apr 02

Wall Mosaic 1: Girl with Scythe

This is one of the wall murals I made.  I’m very happy with how they turned out. My only concern is that, because they are not fired vitreous, they might not withstand freezing.  Fortunately, we get very little freezing here. I made the middle mural about four years ago, using a renaissance painting as a …

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Mar 30


This is a picture of my front yard.  We used to have a lawn, but I killed it because I hate Bermuda grass with a furious passionate loathing.  In the summer, I let it go dead, but in the winter, I have a vegetable garden and I overseed with flowers. Last year I threw down …

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Mar 27


I made this core-formed vessel especially shallow so that I could have something completely vitreous to use as an inkwell.  I like how the turquoise and ivory colored glass work with each other. The inside still has rust from the steel wool used as the form, and I haven’t been able to clean it all …

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Mar 24

Carp Tile

This is a technique that I came up with to provide a raised surface design without the fuss of jacquard bottles and slip.  First I used a linoblock and cut a fish into it, trying to make it a simple line drawing as much as possible. Then I rolled out a slap about a quarter …

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Mar 21

Swallow Tile

This was another experiment with the Duncan “French Impressions” glaze that I just bought.  I’m not very proud of it, as one of the birds looks deformed.  Thought I’d post it anyway, as a…as a warning or something. Maybe it will look fine from a distance.