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Feb 04

Porcelain vessel with cobalt: rabbit and fox

This is another of the series of porcelain vessels with cobalt I made a couple years ago.  See ‘lidded porcelain vessel with cobalt: fox-man and crows’ for description of technique.

Feb 03

Lidded porcelain vessel with cobalt: fox-man and crows

This is one of a series of porcelain vessels I made a couple years ago.  I’ve been using powdered cobalt on porcelain bisque fired to cone 04.  One of the things we tried, in order to reduce fading, was to fire it again before glazing. It didn’t work very well.  I also tried spraying on …

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Feb 02

Smiling Face Ball

I got a new photography setup, so I thought I’d photograph some old pieces I had lying around in my studio.  This piece is one of my favorites, because it’s comfortable to hold and has a nice weight to it, plus the face cheers me up. This is a high fired stoneware ball, b-mix with …

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Jan 24

Greenman Barette

This is a present I made for Jane, whose birthday is tomorrow.  My camera isn’t here right now, so I had to photograph it using the scanner instead.  It would have scanned better if I had done it before gluing on the barette backing, but I think the detail came out well enough.  This piece …

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Jan 15

Altered Book Cover Part Two

After the leather dried, I painted it with acrylic paint.  They do sell dyes for leather, but the guy at Tandy, who was perfectly willing to sell me hundreds of dollars of crap I don’t need, said that acrylic would work just fine. I first painted the sun red, then painted over it with gold …

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