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Oct 28

More Beads

Here are two more pictures of the beads I made in class.  Class is now over, but hotshop (glassblowing) starts next Tuesday.

Oct 22

More books

I’ve been practicing bookbinding.  So far I’ve learned that the crossover stitch (the fanned out one) looks fantastic but isn’t very tight.  I’ve also learned that wheat paste is excellent for paper-to-paper, but not so good for mull-to-spine as it’s not flexible.  I’ve got enough paper for at least two more books. When they’re done, …

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Oct 18

Pear Print

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a baren, or some kind of printing press if I’m going to make invitations and Christmas cards.– Too time consuming otherwise.

Oct 03

Art Journal-Fish Juggler

Fish Paintings Here is the latest page in my art journal.  I took pictures of it along the way so I could explain the steps. Step One:  I painted watercolors of fish directly into the book, then photographed them so I could print the photos smaller onto cardstock. Step Two:  I photocopied sheets of old …

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Oct 02

A Collage Sketch

This is one of my first attempts at collage.  Having just read a book on the matter, I felt obliged to include nearly every technique available to me. The girl’s face is a acrylic transfer of a photo of my daughter.  One of the problems I found with the acrylic transfer is that when washing …

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