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Feb 21

Glass Flowers 1

These are simple to make, and we often make them if there isn’t enough time left in class for anything else.  You can make them with spiraled stems, but I like them straight, as they fit into a cupholder.

Feb 19

Laura’s Altered Book

This is the altered book that my sister started for our round robin.  It’s quite difficult to photograph them, as they don’t want to lie flat.  I hope I can come up with a better way, maybe a clear acrylic plate holder or something. I might paint the scene behind the door (the hinges work!) …

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Feb 17

Children’s Vests

It’s time for the Renaissance Festival again, and of course the costumes the children wore last year are unsuitable for this year.  My husband sweet-talked me into making bodices for the children.  I’ve made dozens of these, but the necessity of making them, often at the last minute, has sucked the joy out of it …

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Feb 15

Wrinkled Blue-Green Vase

This is one of my latest vases from class.  The wrinkling on the sides is unintentional.  I think I’ve discovered the cause: I’m going in too far to the gloryhole when I’m trying to heat just the lip, and it’s making the vessel wrinkle.  I had two, the other was nearly identical to this, but …

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Feb 11

Shino Dragon Cups

These are two cups I made, nearly identical, with the dragon motif.  They are only two and a half inches tall.  I did the design by painting on wax resist, then dipping in shino.  The other cup turned out much darker, nearly black with trapped carbon.  The darker cup, unfortunately, got broken .  Same clay (Coleman …

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