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Jan 09

Red Glass

This glass is my first.  It’s so small that I use it to hold toothpicks.  It also has a crack in it, probably from a temperature change.  It held up through the annealing, so I think it will serve as a toothpick-holder for many years yet.

Jan 08

Orange Glass

This is one of my first drinking glasses.  I realized that I didn’t photograph the rest of the ornaments I made, and now they’re packed up with the Christmas decorations, so I won’t post them after all.  I’ll post the other four glasses one at a time, because they each deserve their own page.

Jan 06

Empty Bowls creation

Here’s a photo from our trimming session, me and the arm of Gary Roberts.  Photo courtesy of Mary Swallow. Follow the link to more information about Empty Bowls.

Jan 05

Empty Bowls 2008

  Anyone going to be in Tempe on February 22nd and 23rd should attend the Empty Bowls event in Downtown Tempe.  I was one of the ceramic artists who made bowls for the event.  $10 buys a handmade bowl and some soup.  All proceeds benefit local food banks. For three years now, I’ve made bowls …

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Dec 16

Grape Leaf Prints

I just repainted our dining room, and I want to paint a frieze of grape vines around the walls, near the floor.  I debated grapevines vs. blackberries, and decided on grapevines because grape leaves are interesting, and blackberry leaves are harder to stamp.  I had hoped that I could carve grape leaf stamps out of …

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