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Aug 22

Tomato Linocut

Here’s what I did with the tomato sketch I drew yesterday. I hope to add color with some markers, but I have to wait for the block printing ink to dry.  Look for pear and pepper linocuts in a few days!

Aug 21

Fruit Sketches

I went grocery shopping today, and bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.  The pluots are especially beautiful, but their speckled skin won’t work well as a lino cut. These sketches are going to eventually become lino cuts (three of them, anyway).

Aug 20

Art Journal-Wicked Queen

My sister and I have been working on a pair of Art Journals for over a year now.  I made some 140lb watercolor signatures, and we each created our own covers.  Then we’ve taken turns mailing the books back and forth to each other, so every other page is by the other person.  Here’s the …

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Aug 18

More Henna Fun

I had more fun with henna tonight and Friday night.  Some people volunteered to let me use their skin as canvases, though I didn’t remember to photograph all of it.  I’m afraid that the batch tonight was mislabled and contained some indigo, because it was unusually blue-green. :(  Either that or I added too much …

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Aug 13

Red box

This is a little wooden box that I bought at Michaels for, I think, 99 cents.  The kids wanted to do woodburning, and once I got the tool heated up, it sounded like a fun thing for me to do too.  My original plan was to put a wood veneer in the inset parts of …

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