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Aug 12

Weekend Project

Here’s what Jeremy and I did this weekend. We installed a tile floor in the master bath. When we first moved in, there was stained beige carpet in the bathroom that was so icky that I didn’t want to step on it. The walls had beige-and-blue print wallpaper, and the bathroom vanity was original to …

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Aug 11

Fun with Henna

Last night I got bored and decided to make a batch of henna.  I’ve experimented with a lot of different recipes, none of which have worked very well.  I think what I decided is that A. putting lemon and sugar on it after it starts to dry really does help, and B. adding a decent …

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Aug 09

A Site is Born

This is a tile mosaic that I created last year.  It’s based off a painting, whose name I have forgotten.  The words spell out a line from my novel Alternate Susan, which I edited out in the second draft.  I still like the cadence. Girl with Scythe