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Nov 21

Glass Ornaments, Round Two

Here are the ornaments out of the annealer from last week.  I made a small mistake with the blue and red ones, and the glass got stretched out and folded over when the color was added.  It turned out to be a happy mistake, because the lines of color are more interesting then they would have been had …

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Nov 15

Pigeon Fire

I did this to play around with scatchboard art a little. The format is sort of an homage to Jennifer Hewitson, whose art I admire.  I finally got some decent tools, so removing larger areas of white isn’t such a chore.  The size is only 5×7.

Nov 14

Glass Ornaments

Just got my first ornaments out of the annealer from class.  The red one got blown a little too unevenly, but the red and yellow one looks pretty good.  Next week I should be able to post pictures of a really ugly bowl I made.

Nov 11

Finished Little Books

   I finally finished the little books I was working on. The last ones I made were for art journals for my sister and her friend, and the ones before that were for my daughters.  These are going to go to friends of mine, who don’t know they’re getting them.  It will be a surprise. …

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Oct 29

Cloth Book Covers

I’ve made covers for two of the small books.  I used scraps of silk and see-through printed fabric, stitched together.  They still need to have end papers pasted in them (a tricky part for me) and I plan on decorating the edges of the papers with words, but they’re getting closer to done.