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Jan 05

Empty Bowls 2008

  Anyone going to be in Tempe on February 22nd and 23rd should attend the Empty Bowls event in Downtown Tempe.  I was one of the ceramic artists who made bowls for the event.  $10 buys a handmade bowl and some soup.  All proceeds benefit local food banks. For three years now, I’ve made bowls …

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Dec 16

Grape Leaf Prints

I just repainted our dining room, and I want to paint a frieze of grape vines around the walls, near the floor.  I debated grapevines vs. blackberries, and decided on grapevines because grape leaves are interesting, and blackberry leaves are harder to stamp.  I had hoped that I could carve grape leaf stamps out of …

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Nov 21

Glass Ornaments, Round Two

Here are the ornaments out of the annealer from last week.  I made a small mistake with the blue and red ones, and the glass got stretched out and folded over when the color was added.  It turned out to be a happy mistake, because the lines of color are more interesting then they would have been had …

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Nov 15

Pigeon Fire

I did this to play around with scatchboard art a little. The format is sort of an homage to Jennifer Hewitson, whose art I admire.  I finally got some decent tools, so removing larger areas of white isn’t such a chore.  The size is only 5×7.

Nov 14

Glass Ornaments

Just got my first ornaments out of the annealer from class.  The red one got blown a little too unevenly, but the red and yellow one looks pretty good.  Next week I should be able to post pictures of a really ugly bowl I made.