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Oct 01

My First Beads

These are the first beads I made in my flameworking class.  They’re quite small, less than 1cm across even for the largest.  I should get my second night’s worth of beads out of the annealer tomorrow.

Sep 23

Sewn Signatures

My sister wants to do an art journal exchange with her friend, so I started binding some watercolor paper into signatures.  I got some books on bookbinding, so I started reading them to pick up pointers.  Previously, I had just been doing everything by looking at books and puzzling out how they were made. What …

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Sep 21

Altered Book 1

For the past year or so, collage has fascinated me.  It’s a completely different direction from my usual art.  Altered books especially interest me, because it’s 3D art and because it’s recycled. It does take some courage to actually destroy a book, but I consoled myself in that there were other copies for sale at …

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Sep 15

Art Journal-Arizona Roadtrip

My sister sent back my art journal, and now I have to think of the next page.  I have a tenative idea, but haven’t started yet.  Here’s the page that I did a year ago today.

Sep 08

First Friday Henna

I went to First Friday downtown last night to peddle mehindi.  It was successful in that Windy was good company and the atmosphere was relaxing, but not successful in that I didn’t convince many people to get henna done.  Also, I’d brought a lantern, but the children must have left it on all night because …

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