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Sep 15

Art Journal-Arizona Roadtrip

My sister sent back my art journal, and now I have to think of the next page.  I have a tenative idea, but haven’t started yet.  Here’s the page that I did a year ago today.

Sep 08

First Friday Henna

I went to First Friday downtown last night to peddle mehindi.  It was successful in that Windy was good company and the atmosphere was relaxing, but not successful in that I didn’t convince many people to get henna done.  Also, I’d brought a lantern, but the children must have left it on all night because …

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Sep 05

Dragon Henna

I was experimenting with a new recipe tonight and wanted to test it out on my arm. My first problem was that the goop was too thin, so I had to add more powder. I worried that the henna had indigo in it again, because it was bright green, but it didn’t. It’s just fresh. …

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Sep 04

Scratchboard–Releasing a Bird

This is my first experiment with scratchboard. My sister bought me a clayboard for Christmas, and it looked expensive, so I was too intimidated to start. I got some smaller ones to ‘practice’ before I did the larger one. My inspiration is Jennifer Hewitson who illustrates a calendar I’m very fond of. I don’t know …

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Sep 03

Pepper Linocut

I finally got around to printing the pepper linocut tonight.  My first mistake was to put down too much black ink.  It turned out goopy, and the detail didn’t come out well.  Also, I think that it looks better with red, because the solid one was a red pepper, and the lighter one was a …

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