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Jun 16

Blue Black Cup

 I made these cups for my friend, originally planning to put a very snarky thing on it, but  I decided at the last minute to use this glaze combination instead. It’s a combination of black satin and oasis glazes. I like its subtlety, and it has a good weight.

Jun 12

Cage Cleaning Time

*I actually think they prefer filth.

Jun 09

Book Review: Hawk

Hawk by Steven Brust I’ve read so many of these things that I couldn’t even tell you. How long has he been doing this series? When it started out, Vlad Taltos was a gritty street thug/assassin, just trying to get by in the dirty city of Adrilahnka (or however you spell that). I loved especially …

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Jun 08

Third Fox Postcard

This is the third fox postcard. It taught me something about drawing, namely that I will be happier with the drawing if I am drawing something that I like. Except for owls, which I like, but all my drawings of owls looked weird. I think it’s that the beaks are odd. But foxes are easy,and …

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Jun 05

Leveling Up

*We have our suspicions about Emmiline.