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Mar 31

Book Review: Being Mortal

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande I’d read an article that this book was based on, about the need for more geriatric doctors, and I’d read another book by Atul Gawande, so that pretty much sold me on this even before I kept seeing it popping up everywhere. This …

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Mar 30

The Owl and the Ugly


I used some of Tim Holz’s interesting Kraft scrapbook paper as a base here. The thing about this paper is that the design itself isn’t very noticeable until you paint over with ink or a paint wash. Then the resist-printed design shows through. I did the sketch on the left and the owl on the …

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Mar 25

Mandala Monoprint

double mandala monoprint

┬áThis is one of my favorite postcard monoprints. I can’t remember how I even got this particular pattern with the mandala stencil, but I do know that this is the same stencil I used on the book cover. When monoprints come out right, they really come out right. I think I’ve already mailed this to …

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Mar 20

Sparrow Sketch

crouching sparrow on antique damask

This sparrow sketch would have worked great as an independent image, that is, if I had cut it out from the paper and pasted just the bird onto another background. I should probably still do that. I love when other people do that kind of combination of patterns and illustrations, but I just didn’t. I …

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Mar 18

Blue Jay and Chintz

bluejay on old roses

Here’s another bird drawing that I did while on the phone. I sketched it with the pen I usually write with, my favorite uniball vision elite, and when I got home I finished inking it in with a brush and some liquid blue ink. I’d hoped that the background patter would have made more of …

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