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Apr 29

Fox in the Grass

I love foxes, and I wanted to have a picture that took up more of the paper, because the whole point of drawing on this sort of paper is to have the resist image show through, so I drew this fox. I’m not sure what it was standing on in the reference photo, but I …

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Apr 27

Hawthorn on Antique Paper

 This postcard makes me think that maybe I’d rather draw plants than animals. It occurred to me that a lot of the patterns you do when doing Zentangles are basically plant forms.  I was thinking about Hawthorns, because of a character in the novel I’m writing now who is of the Clan Hawthorn, and I …

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Apr 24

Circadian Rhythms

*Just five more minutes, Mom? Please?  

Apr 23

Book Review: Ancillary Sword

Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie In many ways this book was easier to get into than the first one. Now the fact that Breq used to be a ship is no longer a mystery, and I know what ancillaries are, and I’m a little more familiar with how the Imperial Radch conduct their affairs. The …

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Apr 22

Jane’s Book

  This is a book-box I made for my friend Jane. I had started with another book, but I made a mistake on that one and glued the back cover to the inside before I was ready. This one I kept it free and didn’t glue on the inside until I was prepared. One of …

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