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Dec 30

Review: Shades of Milk and Honey

Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal I’d had a spell of reading dull, tedious, and difficult books, and had quite lost my appetite for reading, so I was glad to finally get my hands on a copy of SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY, about which I’d heard many pleasant things. This novel …

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Dec 07

Meanest Mommy

Big Critter is eleven. She has her own cell phone, and she loves to text. What she doesn’t like is to walk anywhere. She would rather be driven everywhere she wants to go, or in a pinch, to be borne by slaves in a palanquin. She says it’s not her fault, she’s just lazy, as …

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Dec 03

Manly Soap

I went to buy shower soap the other day.  Most shower soap is marketed for women, and smells like fruit, flowers, herbs, or some combination thereof.  I could get ones that smelled like pomegranate-tea tree or peach-ginger blossom, or vanilla cherry.  But I don’t want to smell like food, so I went to the men’s section. …

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Nov 27

The Gross Thing

The other day, my kid, ( herefore known as “Big Critter”) ran into the house, quite excited. “Mommy,” she asked. “Come outside, I have something really cool to show you.” “Is it gross?” I asked. She is, after all, my kid. “Um…yeah.” “Okay, let’s go.” So she took me outside, and had me crouch down …

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Nov 22

Number Plaque

number plaque

Here’s the finished number plaque that I made the poppy tiles for (shown in an earlier post).  I cut the background green tiles out of stained glass, with the help of my daughters (since ones hand hurts after cutting too many tiles, I needed help.)  Cutting the background tiles was rather time-consuming, but it saves …

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