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Feb 13

Vincent’s Illness

Sadly, no known cure.

Feb 12

Cash Cow and Renaissance Man

cash cow and other caps

 Here are four more bottlecap magnets I made. One of the things I found was that the background image had a more profound impact than the things embedded in it, unless the thing embedded in it was something cool like a pair of tiny scissors. That’s part of why I didn’t put anything in the …

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Feb 11

Mulberry Wands – Chapter Twenty-One

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Can’t wait till next week? Buy this book. Paperback, Smashwords, Kindle Chapter Twenty-One     Susan was still trapped by the sinews, but she had a sharpened stick and enough ointment to blind a whole litter of cats. If the litter of cats they’d seen earlier had the second sight, …

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Feb 09

Honeycomb Wren postcard

tanager on hex

I made this by starting with a piece of some of Tim Holz’s paper that’s white with a pattern printed in resist. The pattern is the larger honeycomb you see there. I layered it over with blue acrylic, and also used a rubber stamp with honeycomb to put the smaller honeycomb pattern on there. To …

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Feb 06

Mighty Huntress

She'd be more stealthy if she didn't wiggle her butt so much.

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