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Feb 24

Book Review: Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake Just when I thought that the mini-genre of dark fantasy YA couldn’t be mined for anything else, something comes along like this took that charms the pants off me. How could you fail to be entranced when it opens with a teenage ghost hunter picking up a dead …

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Feb 23

Jolly Mushroom

The bottlecap on the left I made using a piece of Trader Joe’s Chai tea box. My kids prefer that tea, and I like the peacock inside the flap.  I still have a thing for peacocks. The mushroom on the right one, I made out of paper clay for a shrine I made for my friend. …

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Feb 20

Everyone Loves Vincent

We've all been there.

Feb 19

Golden Astrolabe Postcard

This one was meant to be more detailed, as it’s just a simple monoprint with gold paint over some gold and purple scrapbook paper (you can see the trailing line of dots–the theme was fairy tales.) I like it so much for its delicacy that I decided it was done.

Feb 18

Mulberry Wands Chapter Twenty-Two

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Twenty-Two     “I’m big,” Susan said, looking at her hands. She was lying in her mom’s bed, naked except for a fuzzy raspberry colored afghan flung over her. It was warm in the trailer, warm and stuffy, overlaid with the smell of incense, pot, and …

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