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Jun 10

Faerie Killer: Chapter Two

┬áHere’s chapter two. As I get these chapters ready to post, I’m changing a lot more than I thought I would. I rewrote this beginning scene at least four times in the past week. For those of you who missed the post earlier this week, TREEMAKER(book two) is now available in paperback. DAYRUNNER should be …

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Jun 04

Faerie Killer: Chapter One

I decided to try something new. Since it’s taking me longer than I expected to get this book on the shelves and on the tablets where it belongs, I’ve decided to give the fans a head start and serialize it. ┬áThat way you can read it a chapter at a time while you’re waiting for …

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Jun 01

Book Review: Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand It’s almost impossible to read this book with an unbiased mind. It seems that almost everyone has heard of this book and either loves it or hates it. I have one friend who named this as his favorite book, and I had another friend who blamed this book for ruining …

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May 17

Book Review: Moon Dance

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain I got this as an audiobook as a cure for some of the drier nonfiction I’ve been listening to. It’s about what you’d expect of an urban fantasy. The protagonist is a vampire private investigator soccer mom named Samantha Moon. She’s asked to investigate the attempted murder of a man …

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May 02

Book Review: What’s Eating You?: People and Parasites

What’s Eating You?: People and Parasites by Eugene H. Kaplan For some reason, I thought this book would be funnier. Why would a book about parasites be funny? Maybe because I associate parasites with travel horror stories, and travel horror stories are almost always hilarious. It does manage to be funny at parts, but mostly …

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