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Jul 09

Faerie Killer: Chapter Six

Chapter Six Morales tried to research everything he could about Jim Brown, but without an address or a birthday, he wasn’t able to find much that he knew was accurate. The cat didn’t help. While Morales was typing, Sprocket crawled onto his keyboard and tried to sleep there. Morales pushed him onto his lap, which …

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Jul 02

Faerie Killer: Chapter Five

Chapter Five   Kit walked into her brother’s coffee shop with Kaa on her shoulder.  Kaa usually didn’t like being indoors, but there were big windows facing the street, and he’d been here often enough that he hopped off her shoulder and flapped across to the mantel above the coffee shop’s fireplace without so much …

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Jun 25

Faerie Killer: Chapter Four

Chapter Four   The alarm went off just before dusk, but Morales was already awake. As spring melted into summer, he had been finding it harder and harder to sleep the day away. Not for the first time he thought about finding a cute little fishing village to spend the summers in. Some place with …

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Jun 18

Faerie Killer: Chapter Three

Chapter Three   Kit walked into the Pygg and Wassail, searching the crowded interior of the bar for Jackie. Despite the terrible service, the cozy Irish pub was one of the most popular hangouts in the Old Town, especially for the otherfolk. It had a large floor plan, but held so many heavy wooden tables …

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Jun 10

Faerie Killer: Chapter Two

 Here’s chapter two. As I get these chapters ready to post, I’m changing a lot more than I thought I would. I rewrote this beginning scene at least four times in the past week. For those of you who missed the post earlier this week, TREEMAKER(book two) is now available in paperback. DAYRUNNER should be …

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