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Sep 18

Book Review: The Magician King

The Magician King by Lev Grossman I have mixed feelings about this book. In some ways it’s a stupendous literary achievement. In other ways, it’s a thought problem of what would happen in real life if you min-maxed to get intelligence modifiers by using charisma as a dump stat. Or, to clarify for those of …

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Sep 10

Faerie Killer: Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen     Morales opened the door five minutes later than was completely safe. The eastern sky was already a pinkish red, and the light that hit him through the shade of the landscape trees burned his skin, but he just couldn’t stand that piteous meowing and scratching any longer.   He looked down …

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Sep 07

Book Review: The Sharing Knife, Legacy (2)

Legacy by Lois McMaster Bujold This is a second in a series, but it differs greatly from the first novel in its setting. The first novel dealt with Dag and Fawn in farmer territory, trying to make peace with her family and reconcile them to their relationship. This novel deals with his family, and his …

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Sep 03

Faerie Killer: Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen   “Chris,” Jackie said, entering his house with a perfunctory knock. “I’m going to use your sewing machine all day today.” Chris turned away from the television. “You? Sewing? What the hell, Jackie. Since when did you turn into a girl?” Jackie dumped the bag of black and grey scraps onto the floor …

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Aug 31

Keyhole Tumbler 4

Here you can see both the background text (made with a rubber stamp, highlighted with iron oxide after bisqued) and the sprig. I wanted to make sprigs of keys and keyholes, for a steampunk theme (goes with the text. Don’t ask, in my mind they go well together. Garth Nix will back me up here.) …

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