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Aug 22

Mint and Lime

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Aug 21

Book Review: The Magician’s Land

The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman This is, I think, the best of the three of Lev Grossman’s Magician’s series. Even though the main characters are separated in the last book, their stories continue independently and eventually together. Grossman’s greatest strength, I think, is his creativity, and it really shines in this novel. Every scene, …

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Aug 20

Swallows in Sky Tee Shirt

  This is the second bleach-shirt I made, and I went with a much simpler design than the branches of the first one. Yes, I put a bird on it. If you’re wondering why there’s art today instead of a chapter of Changer’s Turf, it’s because Changer’s Turf is finished. That’s right. I’m going to …

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Aug 19

Book Review: We Have Always Lived in the Castle

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson This is a brilliant book, suitable for anyone who loves macabre, twisted stories that almost (but not quite) veer into the supernatural. If it weren’t for a slightly predictable twist and a few other minor flaws it would have been superb. The story involves two …

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Aug 18

Red Palm Leaf Book

  This is one of those covers that I altered so much that I can hardly remember what the base looked like. I think it was a pink-and-red calico. I did the leaf pattern with black gesso and a texture plate, then painted over the whole thing with red acrylic. the central leaf shape is …

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