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Oct 02

Book Review – Dead Souls

Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol This novel takes place in the early nineteenth century in Russia, and will give you some insight into a time and place you’re probably not overly familiar with. I had no idea that there was a time and place in the world where you weren’t considered middle-class until you owned …

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Oct 01

Mulberry Wands Chapter Two

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Two     In real life, Griff was a handsome man, rather short, with a levelheaded gaze, muscular frame, and hands coated with coarse hair. In the game, he played a seven foot tall minotaur, with a two-headed axe and enough armor to survive nearly anything. Anything …

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Sep 30

Book Review: Eat Move Sleep

Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes by Tom Rath This is one of my favorite genres of book: the self-help guide. I devour pretty much everything on this subject. If an article is about how to eat right and live longer, I read it. I keep up to date on all …

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Sep 29

Bird on Wheels

  I made this book at Art Unraveled, at the eponymous workshop ‘Bird on Wheels’. It was more of assemblage than the kind of mixed media that I like, but it was one of the few evening 3-hour class offerings I could fit into my schedule. The teacher directed people to make a pinkish beige …

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Sep 26

Itchy Feathers

Like this comic? Wanna buy them all? You can! Go here.