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Sep 26

Itchy Feathers

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Sep 24

Mulberry Wands Chapter One

  Chapter One     Susan crouched under the pecan tree, holding a small limp body in her hands. She felt like some investigator on television, except that the investigators on television always had full makeup and push-up demi bras under tailored suit jackets instead of jean shorts and suede sandals which were getting ruined …

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Sep 23

Book Review – Reflex

Reflex by Steven Gould I really liked this book. I’d enjoyed the first one years and years ago, and bought this because it was on sale at audible. Davy has the ability to teleport, an ability that is only thwarted if he’s physically chained to something. Naturally, early on, he gets kidnapped and physically chained …

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Sep 22

Striped Book

  This book ended up a lot closer to what I wanted. I left enough space between the edge of the page and the inside cut so that it didn’t get maladjusted. I liked the cloth cover, and kept it clean and free of debris while it was drying. I also attached a strap wiht …

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Sep 19

The Heartbreaking Raven

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