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May 28

Changer’s Turf Chapter Twenty-One

New to the story? S’okay–go here. Chapter Twenty-One     Colorado wasn’t supposed to be this hot. The sun beat down on her whenever she wasn’t walking in the shade, and because everyone else had the same idea of walking in the shade, it was crowded there. Was it always this crowded? Kit hadn’t seen a …

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May 26

Mulberry Wands Cover Mockup Two

Still working on the cover for Mulberry Wands. I looked up fonts and decided on this one, Gondola, from dafont. I readjusted the skulls so you could see them better, and photographed it again, but the skulls were too far back, so I made stands for them. That didn’t work either, so I pushed them …

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May 23

The Crypt in the Alley

*The city code has very strict requirements on how deeply you must bury your dead fowl. I think this is ridiculous. People throw out spoiled chicken meat all the time. I do bag them first.

Don’t forget, the complete collection is available in paperback.

May 22

Book Review: Marque and Reprisal

Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon I’ll tolerate a dull non-fiction, but a fiction book has to, above all else, be entertaining. If judging by that one criteria, this book succeeds admirably. I’m already most of the way through the third (15+hour!) audiobook in this series, and I haven’t even cracked the nonfiction I’m reading …

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May 21

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Twenty

New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Can’t wait for more? This book is already available for purchase. You can buy the paperback here and the kindle version here and the smashwords page with other e-formats here. Like the book, but short on cash?  New chapter next week!      Chapter Twenty     Tom glanced at his watch and then …

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