Apr 09

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Fourteen

New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Chapter Fourteen     Unlike the college of nursing or the shiny engineering building or the Walter Clark School of Business, the building that housed anthropology, women’s studies, and other poor-cousin departments was a hulking brick structure, with windows like turrets and absolutely no ornamentation. It stood out among …

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Apr 08

Book Review – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie This author was recommended to me by a reader I trust with the comment that he was way funnier reading his work than most stand-up comedians.  Half the books I “read” these days are audiobooks, so I went and got one. I thought this …

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Apr 07

Empty Mulberry Wands Box

empty mulberry wands box

  This is the empty  box I’m going to use for the cover of MULBERRY WANDS, the sequel to ALTERNATE SUSAN. I made it much bigger this time, but still with the same proportions so I didn’t have to do much editing on gimp to make it work as the cover of the book. I …

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Apr 02

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Thirteen

New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Chapter Thirteen       It was a truth generally acknowledged that any unbonded Vargel possessing a moderately good rank must want an Indel to take as spira. When Kit wasn’t having anxiety dreams about her baby being stolen by werewolves, she spent most of her sleeping hours sitting …

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Mar 31

Book Review: The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game: The Commonsense Guide to Understanding Numbers in the News, in Politics, and in Life by Michael Blastland This is a really cool book that interprets common statistical and information-gathering misunderstandings in a way that everyone can understand. Maybe that doesn’t make it sound interesting, but trust me, it is. This book will …

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