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May 20

Mulberry Wands Cover Mockup

  I’m too excited not to share this. It’s just a draft, but it already looks a little like a real cover. Things I will probably change: The title font. It looks like the wrong genre. I do like the black, and that it was a real font, and not one I hand-lettered. That was …

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May 19

Day and Night Shrine

  I had prepared two shrine blanks to work on, and wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with them, but I ¬†knew that one of them had to involve this color combination of blue+apricot yellow/orange. I started by gluing the wooden frame (I mitered and glued them years ago out of extra wooden …

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May 17

Book Review – Trading Danger

Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon I don’t usually like hard sf. It’s very difficult to find a line between “too alien to make sense” and “not alien enough to be plausible” and so often, hard SF authors devote much more time to their engineering flights-of-fancy than to the characters that populate their worlds. So …

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May 16

On to Act II?

Don’t forget, the complete collection is available in¬†paperback.

May 15

Light Blue Tapered Swirl Cup

  I made this cup using the optics mold, trying to reproduce the beautiful blue and white and light blue cups I gave away two years ago. I can’t even remember exactly what they looked like, excepet that there were a number of them and when I let people take whichever cup they liked, those …

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