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Nov 23

Steampunk Shino Bowl

Oct 19

Blue Steampunk Bowl 1

Sep 21

Red Leaf Sprig Bowl

Sep 07

Keyhole Tumbler 5

This is another example of the plaster mold. When I made the molds of the keys and keyholes in plaster, I used the wax positives I’d crafted with paraffin and the two-part soft silicone molds. ┬áTo get the wax out of the plaster, I baked them inverted in a craft oven over a pad of …

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Aug 31

Keyhole Tumbler 4

Here you can see both the background text (made with a rubber stamp, highlighted with iron oxide after bisqued) and the sprig. I wanted to make sprigs of keys and keyholes, for a steampunk theme (goes with the text. Don’t ask, in my mind they go well together. Garth Nix will back me up here.) …

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