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Oct 23

Alternate Susan — Chapter Fifteen

  Chapter Fifteen       Amber wouldn’t answer her phone, and I didn’t know where she lived, so the only way to find her was at work. After all, in my universe, she worked in accounts payable, and I still had the same job, so why shouldn’t she? Amber wasn’t at her desk in …

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Sep 18

Alternate Susan — Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten       When I saw the swath of destruction, I wished I had ditched work, even if it meant getting fired. The mesquite tree out front was still intact, but someone had kicked over all Zoë’s pots of succulents. It looked as though the major league of vandals had taken baseball bats …

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Sep 11

Alternate Susan–Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine       I only had to run for five minutes across the rolling expanse of golf course before a deep appreciation for electric carts set in. Susie’s body just wasn’t cut out for running.  Neither was mine, actually, but she was the one who got me into this mess, so I was …

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May 13

Amber Goblet

Ironically, I made this one after I made the blue goblet. I say ironic, because it’s kind of mutant in comparison. I was shooting more towards a pilsner glass shape rather than a martini glass.  Somewhere along the way, it got out of shape and I never got it back on shape again.

Jun 21

Dragonfly in Amber Glass

For this dragonfly, I used a clear sheet over amber.   The instructor suggested it for greater visibility.  She didn’t quite understand that I was a skinflint who didn’t want to buy more clear glass, I guess.  This was before I had tested the mica pigments to see which ones worked (bright gold) and which …

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