Tag: aromatherapy

Feb 10

Aromatherapy Keyholes 3

  This is the last chunk of the aromatherapy pendants I made. I believe that the crown lacks a hole to string a necklace through, so ┬ámaybe I’ll use that for some other purpose. I sent some of these to my friend Sarah, who offered to help copyedit Changer’s Turf (my most recent novel). She …

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Dec 23

Aromatherapy Keyhole 2

  Here are some more aromatherapy sprigs I made. Some of these were gifts, and some of these will be gifts. Jewelry can be very satisfying to make, but I hardly wear any of it.

Nov 04

Aromatherapy Keyholes 1

These were a special request from my friend who had a birthday in August (who can resist a birthday girl’s wishes?) She wanted something like something she’d seen on etsy or in a magazine, where it was a small bisque fired pendant used as a personal diffuser for aromatherapy. She said it didn’t matter what …

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