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Nov 24

Sun Tile

This was another tile from Laurie Mika’s workshop this summer, to which I added four tiny seed beads. I’m not very proud of the sloppy paint job around the rays; I should have taken more time with the paint. At the art store, they have seemingly dozens of different types of paints, inks, dyes, and …

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May 05

Copper-Green Goldfish Mosaic

  This is the shrine I referenced in the greenman shrine of a few weeks ago. It’s actually more of a mosaic than a shrine. I made most of the tiles during a marathon polymer-clay session last summer. I do most of my polymer clay sessions in the summer because my studio had no heat, …

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Nov 18

Lavender Floral Bead

This is what the lampworking workshop I took in August was designed to teach.  You can get very pretty beads if you are good at this technique.  I’m not so interested in pretty, so I only made this one.

Nov 16

Black Floral Beads

I took a class in lampworking that was to teach this floral technique.  It makes very girly, feminine, frilly beads.  I soon figured out that while the techniques were interesting (making a simple radially symmetrical cane and then using it to add details), I didn’t like the way the beads looked. Still, I thought I ought to …

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Oct 21

Blue Cane Beads

I don’t really like beads and bead jewelry, but I like making them.  I made these (along with a handful of others, which my daughter used for a bracelet) to experiment with cane techniques.  The beads could stand to be a little more even, but I don’t really want to use them for anything, so …

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