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Apr 13

Good Birds, Bad Birds

The owls were obviously meant to be part of a collage, since I drew them on opposite sides of the paper so I could maximize the resist. But they are so busy that the resist pattern doesn’t add much. Also, I find owls hard to draw sometimes. Their faces don’t lend themselves well to it, …

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Nov 10

Postcard: Two Calendar Birds

I love the images of the birds from the top photo. It’s from a calendar that my sister-in-law had for 2010. Each month had one of those collage images on this nice heavy cream colored weave paper. They threw it out when they moved, but I fished it out of the trash and have used …

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Apr 30

48 Birds #8: The Crow and the Golden Pear

For this piece, I also began with a gesso resist under a wash of acrylic, using a rubber stamp of a pear.  You can still barely see the imprint of the pear just under the crow’s shoulder.  After pasting on scraps of greenish textured paper and repeating washes of red-iron-oxide colored paint, I decided it …

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Apr 10

48 Birds #6 Who Has Fled the Garden?

I started out with a gesso resist technique, using a wash of light brown and a stamped gesso design.  Honestly I can’t remember how it looked, except that I made the mistake of thinking I’d draw a picture on the background and use it as a springboard for another design. There’s a school of thought …

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Mar 22

48 Birds #2: “There were facts about ravens she didn’t want the others to know.”

This was a learning experience. Once again I started with watercolor paper, and wrote on it with a calligraphy dip pen. I wrote “There were facts about ravens she didn’t want the others to know.”  Once again it became quickly apparent that plain writing on a white background is BORING.  When I’d finished with the …

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