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May 27

Bottlecaps Fourth Group

This is the fourth set of bottlecaps that I made in February. I got the idea to use the seeds, and wondered why I didn’t use seeds more often. I guess it’s because most of my seeds go in the ground. The top left one has the insides of a watch in it. I wrote …

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Apr 08

Bottlecaps Second Group

I mentioned in an earlier post how I make these bottlecaps. One of the hardest parts is finding enough amusing and visually interesting pieces to put in them. If the background is simple, like the bottom left and the bottom right, I need to have more interesting inserts. I do have a few watch insides. …

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Apr 13

February Bottlecaps 5

I totally dig the google-eye on this. Because it’s encased, it still googles. I also like the grommets (lower left). Resin has a way of tranforming some things magically. Other things, it kind of ruins. Gold leaf-backed tesserae are unimpressive, and mirrors are a little disappointing as well.

Apr 06

February Bottlecaps 4

You can use sharp stuff in these bottlecaps as long as the pointy bits are completely encased in the resin. I like to have some stuff that sticks out, like the tiny fuse and the top of the push pin. The blue bead in the bottom is from some canes I made during a polymer …

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Mar 17

February Bottlecaps 2

The top center has a piece of microchip in it. Microchips always look so cool, and I want to include them in more multimedia stuff, but they don’t always behave properly. The bottom right is a slice of a polymer clay butterfly cane I made two years ago.