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Jan 06

Don’t Throw Away That Calendar!

  Don’t throw that calendar away yet! You loved it, right? Here’s something cool and easy you can do to reuse those prints.   First, get some cardstock to use as notecards. Set it in the middle of the sheet you’ve torn from the calendar, and fold it up around, making crease lines. If the …

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Mar 10

February bottlecaps 1

I decided it was time to do a new batch of bottlecaps. My fridge is now bedecked with them, awaiting an unexpected birthday (and the need for a gift). These are fun, small gifts to make for people. The cow on the lower left side is a piece of mylar confetti that I’d saved for …

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Dec 08

Postcard:Bird and Butterfly

This is another piece of the calendar I rescued from the trash. The images were just too beautiful not to reuse. I’m such a sucker for the 18th and 19th century botanical and zoological illustrative style. To add something else, I used some of these butterfly stickers that I bought for way too much money …

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Nov 17

Postcard: Witch Calendar

These images are not creative commons because they don’t belong to me. They’re from one of my favorite artists, Jennifer Hewitson, from one of the Llelwyn press Witches’ calendar. I adore this art so much that I kept the calendar for years after it (2007) was no longer useful. I just couldn’t bear to throw …

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Nov 10

Postcard: Two Calendar Birds

I love the images of the birds from the top photo. It’s from a calendar that my sister-in-law had for 2010. Each month had one of those collage images on this nice heavy cream colored weave paper. They threw it out when they moved, but I fished it out of the trash and have used …

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