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Sep 03

Book Review: House of Cards

House of Cards: The True Story of How a 26-Year-Old Fundamentalist Virgin Learned about Life, Love, and Sex by Writing Greeting Cards by David Ellis Dickerson I met the author of this book, and as he says, he’s $5000 funnier in person. It’s not that the book isn’t funny (it is) it’s just unlike the …

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Dec 01

Postcard: El Alacran

The scrapbook paper I used for this is beautiful, but while it’s a fabulous background texture, it lacks a focal point. For that, I used this Mexican Loteria card that I bought at an import store in San Diego. Because scorpions make me think of Scorpio, I used the star stamp and some embossing powder …

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Oct 08

Four Color Silkscreen

My sister-in-law gave me a silkscreening kit that included this generously sized silkscreen frame. Since I don’t usually do art this large, I decided to use the screen for four different shots so that I could try my hand at a multi colored silk screen. I started by looking for something inspirational. Since I have …

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Aug 29

Proof Print Crows

Once I finished the silk screen, I wanted to do a proof print to see how it turned out. I use block printing ink for this, as I have a lot of it in different colors.  Since I didn’t want to do it for nothing, I printed the crows onto some blank notecards I’d bought …

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Apr 26

Silkscreen cards

After I finished silkscreening my tee shirts, I wanted to see if I could use blockprinting ink on the silkscreen. I had to wash the silkscreening ink off, and it specifically said that you mustn’t have any ink on the silk or you would ruin it, so I scrubbed fiercely.  I didn’t realize that the …

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