Tag: clay

Aug 26

Short Spiky Pot

 What I wanted was a pot covered over in a repeating pattern of small raised bumps. I tried using a mini-extruder, but they wouldn’t stick. Then I tried rolling a coil and making small nubs, but that took too much time. I ended up filling a makeshift pastry bag with slip and just applying it …

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Jul 09

Small Oak Pinch Pot

 I made a selection of pinch pots because I wanted to re-create some great little flowerpots I made years ago for my succulent collection. I moved to a different house without an east-facing window, and all the plants died, and eventually I lost or the pots got broken. So I made some pinch pots, which …

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Sep 21

Red Leaf Sprig Bowl

Aug 10

Keyhole Tumbler 1

I haven’t done a lot of artwork in the past three months except work on my book covers and create postcards.  Just finished a pottery class though, and I got some of my pieces from the kiln.  I made a mold of some of Tim Holz’s keyholes (and a few antique ones) and used them …

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Feb 12

Tiny Smiley Balls 2

These are the last of the tiny colored smiley balls. These will probably be the only ones I make that are glazed like this, though I’ll still use the double-fork tool for something else.