Tag: cobalt

Jun 10

Bubble Vase

I wanted to make a tumbler using a special mold that looks a little like a cuddly version of an iron maiden. It’s cylindrical and tapered, with dull spikes all over the inside, and if you were to use it on a simple piece of glass, you’d get a shape not unlike some jelly glasses from the …

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Mar 21

Cobalt Tumbler

This didn’t photograph quite like I wanted it to. It’s a perfectly decent, if simplistic and beginner’s cobalt blue glass tumbler. I may even use this to drink out of.

Mar 14

Pinched Blue Vase

Getting back into glassblowing, I decided to start easy and make some tumblers. This one, the side got a little hot and it collapsed in on itself. It works okay for a vase, but I think it would trap bacteria in there, so it’s maybe no good for drinking.

Jan 11

Blue and Yellow ornament

I quite like how the colors came out on this one. The yellow frit is opaque, but the cobalt blue is transparent, so wherever the blue overlaps the yellow looks translucent green. Very pretty. I got three colors in one.

May 13

Cobalt Stamp Plate 6

The photo on this didnt’ turn out as well as I had hoped, but it was either take a crappy photo or not get it photographed at all, because I’m using my table for another project.  This plate is actually twice as large as the others, because I used a larger meat tray.