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Jun 02

Giant Glass Beer Stein

  This one is closest, in color to replicating the cups I gave away. However, it’s more complicated than a basic tumbler because it has a handle and a cookie foot. I wasn’t very good at handles (still am not) and we did a couple of practice pieces at the beginning of class, which was …

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May 13

Amber Goblet

Ironically, I made this one after I made the blue goblet. I say ironic, because it’s kind of mutant in comparison. I was shooting more towards a pilsner glass shape rather than a martini glass.  Somewhere along the way, it got out of shape and I never got it back on shape again.

May 06

Blue Goblet

I made this cup thinking it would be a good front-runner in the goal to create a birthday present for my friend. He likes to drink Manhattans, which are traditionally drunk out of a martini glass. I asked David Vogt  how to make one, and he demonstrated. this doesn’t quite have the martini shape, but …

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Apr 22


This bowl is called “suckbowl”  not because of its quality but because of how it’s made. David demonstrated it, and I knew I had to try it out.  You start by applying color around a bubble, then blow the bubble into as big a sphere as you can manage.  Getting it nice and hot, you …

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Sep 14

Blue-Green Glass Vase

I tried to show a co-worker this vase I made, but I couldn’t find any posts of it. Did I miss a whole kiln-full of glasswork I did this winter? Maybe. I had two of these but gave one away. It looked very similiar to this, but had a shorter neck.