Tag: correspondence

Dec 19

Postcard: Death Butterfly

This is my favorite of the postcards, probably because I did more work on this one than the others. I started with the Morgan Green tarot card, and I used a stamp of the frame for the outside, (stamping it on black paper and using white embossing powder) I had to trim it to make …

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Dec 15

Postcard: Green Icon

I’d been looking at a cool book that has information on how to make polymer clay tile mosaics, and the artist used a lot of religious icons contained within frames. My friend Jane and I were in awe of how beautiful they were, so I started looking for tiny icon images I could use to …

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Dec 12

Postcard: Indigo Japan

The inspiration for this postcard was a packet of origami paper in traditional Japanese blue-on-white designs, such as were used on textiles. They have a lovely texture to them too, soft like money or paper towels. I used a compass to draw quarter circles on them, then cut on the lines. I made the base …

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Dec 08

Postcard:Bird and Butterfly

This is another piece of the calendar I rescued from the trash. The images were just too beautiful not to reuse. I’m such a sucker for the 18th and 19th century botanical and zoological illustrative style. To add something else, I used some of these butterfly stickers that I bought for way too much money …

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Dec 05

Postcard: Yellow Rose

The challenge, when using many sheets of the same paper, is to figure out ways to bring out different parts of the background. I had thought I woudl draw more with this project, but when it came around to it, there were just too many cool images already prepared, such as this pre-cut photo of …

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