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Jun 29

Copper Queen Shrine

 I started out just making a lot of pieces for shrine boxes. Making these boxes is a technique I learned from a book called “Creating Personal Shrines” by Carol Owen. Basically, you paint both sides of foamcore with acrylic (or gesso? Maybe gesso works too) and let it dry. Then you glue ricepaper to each …

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Feb 10

Aromatherapy Keyholes 3

  This is the last chunk of the aromatherapy pendants I made. I believe that the crown lacks a hole to string a necklace through, so  maybe I’ll use that for some other purpose. I sent some of these to my friend Sarah, who offered to help copyedit Changer’s Turf (my most recent novel). She …

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Jan 31

Big Critter’s Crown

This is the crown that Big Critter made.  She also didn’t like a radially symmetrical design.  She sketched what she was thinking of, and I helped her design it.  For the shiny gold parts, she drew a design with hot glue, and then applied gold leaf directly to the cooled glue.  It works very well. …

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Jan 28

Little Critter’s Crown

When I made my crown, I made it radially symmetrical, and it didn’t occur to me that the kids would want anything else.  However, they are people, and people have their own minds.  Little Critter wanted it more like a tiara, and she wanted swans.  It took some doing, but I was able to oblige. …

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Jan 19


I made this crown so that my kids would have something fun to play with, since they often like to play princesses and queens and whatnot. I used a technique given to me by a costumer at Westercon to make brigandine armor. I’m sorry to say I forgot which costumer told me this, but I …

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