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Jul 29

Book Review: A Beautiful Terrible Thing

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing: A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal by Jen Waite I honestly thought I would like this book more, since I went through something so similar. It should have hit me right in the feels, as if someone who also lost her father as a child read Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes. I …

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Mar 14

Book Review: Happens Every Day

Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story by Isabel Gillies I got this as an audiobook from audible, read by the author. This is a sub-genre that I haven’t read much, a sub-genre one of my teachers called “Adirondacks chair books” because they usually have an Adirondacks chair on the cover, symbolizing a woman who has …

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Mar 05

Book Review: Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness: A Memoir by Heather Havrilesky I’ve really enjoyed Havrilesky’s advice column “Ask Polly” where she gently and empathically and sympathetically tells people in the nicest possible way exactly why they are full of crap and how all of their problems are their own fault. I love her voice, and figured I would like …

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