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Sep 03

Book Review: Mulberry Wands

Mulberry Wands by Kater Cheek My rating: 5 of 5 stars Cats like to hunt and kill things. Sometimes they’ll leave birds, more often roaches or lizards. I’ve┬áheard stories of other people’s cats who brought in rabbits, and once, even a bat. This got me thinking: What would be the worst thing a cat could …

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Nov 07

Alternate Susan ebook cover

One of the things I’ve discovered about my self-publishing adventures is that you occasionally need a different ebook cover from the paper cover. The paper cover is for a 5.5 X 8.5 inch object that will be held in your hands. The ebook cover will be maybe an inch by two inches at the most. …

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Oct 21

Gingerbread House Cover

The photo at the bottom is the original cover for this pair of short stories that I published last year. ┬áThe stories are both horror + comedy, a sub-genre I’ve had some success with. I chose the close up of the stock because I just wanted a photo (that I owned the rights to) that …

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Jul 28


Dear Blog friends, Book three in the Seabingen series is up. You can get it on Smashwords, or Kindle. It’s $2.99 at both places. My friend Keyan Bowes helped me with last-minute typos and inconsistency errors. She lobbied for a different title, but I couldn’t come up with one I’d liked better (and it took …

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